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Schedule: Every Friday, 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM


Veteran Notebooks are not required to attend meetings.



Cost: Free, no registration required

Program: SMART Veterans

The SMART Veterans Programme has used the four key points of SMART Recovery and adapted these to suit the needs for veterans with an addictive or compulsive behaviour. Research documents that an alarming number of veterans returning from military deployment and combat suffer from addiction. The traumatic experiences encountered on the battlefield can overwhelm coping skills and cause mental health conditions. Many veterans will self-medicate with alcohol and substances or engage in risky behaviors that can compound problems.

Specific audiences: Adults Welcome, Veterans

Anyone 18 and over fitting the purpose of the above program is welcome to join the meeting. Please read the program description to make sure it's the right meeting for you.

Meetings specifically for those who are or have served in the military. Typically led by other veterans who have used SMART Recovery to address their own addictive behaviors.

Languages spoken: English



This meeting is provided by UK SMART Recovery.

Johnny Allison
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 07498 923309
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Scottish Veteran's Residence
2 Bellrock Crescent, Glasgow, G33 3HU


Meeting #: 1125


Parking available at the venue. This meeting is only available to veterans

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