UK SMART Recovery meeting participants can request attendance verification from meetings indicating one of the following icons:

Pathcheck™ Instant Verification. Complete the form below to obtain your attendance verification.
Facilitator-provided verification. Ask the meeting facilitator for your attendance verification.

  Pathcheck™ Instant Verification (Step 1 of 2)

Attendance verification is provided for meetings from the past week only.
You must have attended the entire meeting to qualify for a verification.

  • Wait one hour after the scheduled end of your meeting to request verification. At that time, the meeting will appear in the list below.
  • Enter the Zoom name you joined the meeting as, even if you changed your name after joining.
If you have any questions please email [email protected].
Choose the date when the meeting started.
Choose the time of day when the meeting started.
Select the meeting you attended.

If you need help obtaining a verification please email [email protected].